Hunting the Northern Lights on a Cruise: 6 Kickass Voyages


Hunting the Northern Lights on a Cruise: 6 Kickass Voyages

Lights, Camera, Aurora!

Hunting the Northern Lights. So, you wanna catch the Northern Lights? Well, forget freezing in the city snow – jump on a luxury cruise and let the aurora borealis be your main act. Here’s the lowdown on six epic voyages that’ll have you saying, “Take my money!”

1. Hurtigruten’s Arctic Adventure: Norway’s Frozen Wonderland

Alright, kick off in Oslo, Norway, and let Hurtigruten whisk you away on a 14-day trip to the Arctic Norwegian coast. Think icy fjords, frosty mountains, and stops at cool places like Tromsø and Honningsvåg. The North Cape Express deal starts at £1,827pp, giving you multi-course meals, flights, and even photography workshops on MS Trollfjord. Bonus: If the Northern Lights decide to be divas, Hurtigruten throws in a free six- or seven-day Norway voyage. Talk about a win-win!

2. Celebrity Cruises: Celestial Extravaganza Across the Hemisphere

Picture this: a 12-night adventure with Celebrity Cruises, hitting up Iceland, Greenland, and Nova Scotia. It’s $2,163pp (£1,706), and the Celebrity Eclipse isn’t just a ship; it’s a floating paradise with a European shopping spot, a yoga studio, and a martini bar that’s basically heaven for vodka lovers. Plus, swing by Reykjavik’s Northern Lights Center to get the 411 on the aurora’s secrets.

3. Royal Caribbean’s Arctic Circle Cruise: A Northern Lights Roadshow

Embark from Amsterdam on Royal Caribbean’s 12-night Arctic Circle Cruise – your ticket to some seriously remote dark skies. For £1,478pp, you get sushi, steaks, and fine wine, plus entertainment like musical performances, rock climbing walls, and mini-golf. It’s like a floating festival before nature’s nighttime spectacular.

4. Havila Voyages: Norway’s Coastal Delights Under the Lights

Calling all cruise enthusiasts! Havila Voyages’ 12-day coastal express cruise hits 34 Norwegian ports, including Lofoten and the magical North Cape. At £2,096pp, this sustainable journey promises silent sailing for up to four hours, topped with a guarantee of catching the Northern Lights. Picture this: glass ceiling, observation lounge – the sky’s the limit.

5. Seabourn’s Venture: A Northwest Passage Extravaganza

Got some cash to burn? Seabourn’s Venture ship offers a 23-day extravaganza from Iceland to Greenland, Canada, and Alaska. At £24,299 for a veranda suite, you’re in for penguins, killer whales by day, and the Northern Lights by night. The constellation lounge is your VIP pass to the ultimate celestial show.

6. Secret Atlas: Greenland’s Hidden Gems

For the daredevils, Secret Atlas has an East Greenland cruise. Board the MV Vikingfjord with just 12 cool cats and explore the Scoresby Sund fjord, Viking Bay’s massive ice columns, and the remote Ittoqqortoormiit. It’s €9,900 (£8,579) for eight days of lectures, zodiac landings, and full-board dining. Oh, and there’s an on-deck sauna and an observation lounge for prime Northern Lights photography. Talk about an adventure!

Conclusion: Cruise, Lights, Action!

So, if you’re down for Norway, Iceland, Canada, or Greenland, these cruises are your golden ticket to the Northern Lights spectacle. Pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready for the cosmic dance under the night sky!