nursing in public

Yay! I completed one year of nursing my younger daughter Peanut.

What a ride it’s been. It’s hard to believe the places that I have nursed both of my daughters, places I never thought I would find myself in—bathroom stalls, flights, airport floors, car backseats, friends’ homes—but realized later it came down to just feeding my children.

I wish someone had told me all this before, so I could have planned better. Well it was, um, interesting, and I learned a lot on my own in the meantime.


Here are some suggestions for places to nurse, when you have no other option:

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Style Sheet: Baby Is Here! Now What Do I Wear? (Part III: Weekend)

baby is here-now what do i wear

baby is here_weekend


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Welcome back to Baby’s Here! Now What Do I Wear?

Today we will be looking at Part III: Weekend.

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After a long week at the office, all we mommies would like to do is to spend time with our loved ones, and be comfortable doing it!

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style sheet: hot In houndstooth

houndstooth heavenOnce, as a child, I found myself venturing yet again into my parents’ closet, when I happened to spy a suit of my father’s. It was houndstooth—from head to toe—suit jacket with ruffles, complete with matching pants. At the time, I thought it was hideous (sorry Dad!).

Since then, I had seen this pattern pop up all over, and would be instantly transported with a shudder to that moment with that suit.

I stopped noticing it for many years after that (could this classic have gone out of fashion?), and now I’m seeing it again as a fashion staple—and I love it! It’s so timeless, and just begs for that pop of color!

As Fall is now upon us, I chose some houndstooth-inspired pieces to greet the upcoming chill (clockwise from left):





As summer draws to a close, I can’t help but reminisce about my college days. Here’s an outfit I’ve put together below for your back-to-school wardrobe, and if you’re not currently a student, you’ll still get high marks for this chic ensemble!