style sheet: baby is here! now what do I wear? (part II: date night)

baby is here-now what do i wear

Baby Is Here! Now What Do I Wear? (Part II: Date Night)

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In Part II of our series, Baby Is Here! Now What Do I Wear? we take a look at what to wear for Date Night.

When you finally get a chance to go out for the evening post-pregnancy, you, like me, may feel a little self-conscious about what will look good on you.

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aishwarya fit and fab

My most popular post by far would have to be So What If Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Is Still Fat?

It has had the most related search terms leading to it and has also consistently sat on the Trending Now section of my sidebar. Apparently her struggle with post-pregnancy weight loss resonated with many women out there, so I thought I should follow up.

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skinny genes

I guess you could say it all started on Pumpkin’s second day of dance class.

The first day, I was wearing a long, shapeless sweater—we all have that one. The second day, I wore a new form-fitting sweater and my skinnies tucked into my boots.

As I joined my daughter in her parent-toddler Dance and Movement class, jumping, crawling, waving my arms–I took a peek at my reflection in the wall-to-wall mirror, and felt a hint of pride. Two kids later and I still got it, my brain crowed.

But pride goeth before the fall, as they say.

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