style sheet: spring into easter!

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Spring is here, and with it, all the beautiful pastels that are the hallmark of the season.

As I’m the mom of two daughters, spring dresses always catch my eye, whether we’re attending an Easter egg hunt, planning an Easter get-together, or just because they’re so darn cute.

From classic tulle-and-lace numbers to vintage styles, with all the choices available, your little princess will be sure to look adorable this season.

Have a good weekend and Happy Easter, lovelies!

haute mommy how-to: get your child to sleep fast

get your child to sleep fastPutting a child down for a nap can be a frustrating process.

Recently, I’ve had to trust Pumpkin to self-soothe so that I could spend that time attending to Peanut’s feedings and naptimes. For the most part, she is able to fall asleep by herself, but there are those nights when she just wants to stay up and party.

Good thing I discovered white noise, quite by accident.

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