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I’m just gonna say it: Napa Valley Wine Country isn’t just about wine. There is a ton you can eat, drink and enjoy if you aren’t a wine person. Now, granted, you won’t have as many options as someone who sips relaxation by the glass, but this place is still definitely a foodie’s paradise.

Not only is the wine made from locally grown grapes, but some restaurants also grow their own on site sustainable organic gardens, and keep their own livestock in order to prepare their dishes. You can even take a walk around and see rows of parsley, turnips, arugula, and cabbage, while hearing hens clucking in the background. Awesome, right?

Here are some family-friendly places to eat while in Napa:


When we arrived on our first evening in Napa, we wanted to grab a quick bite to eat from a place that would serve food quickly and that the girls would like too. Heritage Eats fulfilled both of those. It has a front counter where your food is made to order. If you have been to Chipotle, the set up is very similar. All the ingredients are fresh and seasonal. We ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala Wrap, the Mediterranean Wrap, and the Blood Orange Lemonade. The portions are generous, which makes it easy for everyone to share!


After a filling dinner we headed next door to Sift. We had passed it on the way to Heritage Eats, and its cute pastel decor beckoned us to enter. There were cupcakes, macarons, and cruffles, which are a combination of cake and truffle. It’s an adorable get in-order-get out kind of shop, so we took our cupcakes back to our Airbnb to savor and enjoy.


After an entire morning and early afternoon of sightseeing the following day, we were happy to sit down to lunch, albeit late, at Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch. This restaurant and cafe offer American ranch-style fare, its decor complete with a bison trophy on the main wall. The menu is a bit pricy, but the hospitality, portions, and flavor are all worth it. Plus veggies, herbs, and chicken and eggs are so local they are sourced on site. Doesn’t get any fresher than that!


As you savvy parents know, it’s always a good idea to have a couple of tasty and reliable pizza options in your back pocket in case you need to eat quickly and the kids are unusually picky. The same is also true when you’re traveling. We grabbed a pizza  for a late dinner from New York Pizza about 45 minutes before closing, and they made sure we were in and out in about 20 minutes. The crust was SO soft and the pesto was everything.


On our last day in Napa, we headed back downtown to explore Oxbow Public Market. After checking out the various artisanal food options, we decided we needed cupcakes again and ended up at Kara’s Cupcakes. There are several tables adjacent to Kara’s so we all were able to take our time with our confections.

Napa has so many great food options, you’re bound to find something for everyone!

Have you ever been to Napa Valley with your kids? What places to eat would you recommend?


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  2. These photos look so mouth watering. Thanks for sharing your adventures! -Tina


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