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We took a drive out to San Francisco to see the famed Golden Gate Bridge. It certainly wasn’t our first time, but seeing it from this special vantage point was especially enjoyable.

We made the small hike up Fort Point trail to Battery Spencer, a concrete coastal gun battery built between 1893 and 1897. It was named after Revolutionary War hero Major General Joseph Spencer, and used until WWII, when it was deactivated.

The hike is short, and it took us less than fifteen minutes to reach the top. If you have small children with you, the steps leading upwards are helpful. There is also a parking lot at the base of the trail.

The view of the Golden Gate is simply breathtaking. The bridge spans over the water and into the distance, while the sapphire bay shimmers below.

This higher area is also bordered on one side by a chain link fence. Mimicking other such fences in Australia, Canada, Germany, Scotland, and Japan, lovers place love locks along the fence, with their initials written on them. Once a lock is affixed, the key is then supposedly thrown away. Displays like these have been deemed an eyesore in other places, but so far San Francisco is fine with theirs.

As far as the view of the bridge, you really can’t go wrong in terms of photos, so click away!

The water stretches out to the west, where we stayed to watch the sun sink on the horizon and emblazon the sky above with hues of pink, lavender, and gold.

We made our way back down the trail in semidarkness soon after sunset. It was a great day spent away from the busyness of the city, yet still every bit San Francisco.

Would you hang a love lock on a fence with other locks?


  1. We saw the ‘love locks’ bridge in Paris (Pont des Arts) covered in locks a number of years ago, and we’ve seen many such places since…such a fun way to display love that is much less damaging than graffiti (although I imagine it is a pain when someone has to cut the locks off….). Thanks for “liking” my blog. And I’m always inspired to see people like you make the effort to have special moments with children in spite of the pandemic restrictions. The great outdoors is there for all of us! Hope you have other great moments to share!

  2. Never knew about locks. Lived in the Modesto area and during the summer San Francisco was an escape from the heat. Plus my chance to visit my Grandma. Miss is a lot.(moved out of state)


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