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While we were still researching where to sightsee in Napa, we came across this cool life-size replica of a Tuscan castle, which also had its own winery and tasting rooms. As we wanted to fit in a wine tasting somewhere (as this was Napa, after all), we decided to go ahead with visiting the Castello di Amorosa.

This stunning replica of a 13th century Tuscan castle will make your jaw drop. The castle was built using medieval building methods from that time period, and from antique bricks flown in from Europe.

There is a courtyard, a tower to climb, torture chamber, a drawbridge, a moat, and of course, tasting rooms. Even if you don’t want to wine taste, there is plenty to explore in this amazing landmark.

The tasting rooms house hundreds of bottles of red and white, and off to one side, there is even a family tasting room. Parents get to sample five wines while the kiddos get their own glass of white grape juice, produced on site. There are even tables and chairs with coloring sheets and crayons to keep those little hands busy!

As we entered, we crossed the drawbridge and felt as trough we were being transported back in time.

Red flowers seemed to burst from their window boxes surrounded by the aging brick.

We were free to explore the castle at our leisure and enjoyed the medieval touches everywhere we went. It was as though this castle had been airlifted though time and space and dropped here in Napa.

We entered the Great Hall, which induced some serious Harry Potter vibes. A very long table was lined on both sides with tens of chairs. The walls were decorated with large hand-painted frescoes and stretched the length of the room.

Next we visited the chapel with more beautiful frescoes of the Holy Family, an altar, and even a confessional. Authentic, eh?

We spent some time in the loggia, or courtyard, taking photos and letting the girls run around and get their sillies out.

Next up, we headed back inside to the tasting rooms. The entrance is wide and welcoming with carefully arranged displays of wine, cheese, as well as artisanal soaps and candles.

Tastings for adults were at the center of the room, while we were guided to another separate room off to the side to the Family Tasting Room.

This room is dimly lit and hosted by several sommeliers behind the counter. Our host began by serving the girls with grape juice, or “special princess wine”. They gulped it down and sat at a nearby table to color with the provided crayons, while we began our tasting.

As per our entrance package, we were given a wine list to be paired with chocolate truffles. So fancy!

After the tasting was over, we took photos in the main tasting area and made our way outside.

If the your kids are a bit bored by this time, the sight on the lawn should perk them up quite a bit.

There are emus, peacocks, pheasants, and chickens covered in feathers from the top of their heads to their feet! Visitors can pose with the animals next to the wooden fence, or watch them scamper around their habitat.

We saved our climb up the second floor tower till the end. From this view, you can look down and get a feel for how high you are, staring down at one of the courtyards below. There are vineyards stretching far until they seem to touch the green rolling hills in the distance.

All in all, Castello di Amorosa is a fantastic place to take your family if you’re ever in Napa Valley. Be sure to budget at least half a day to one full day to visit here. Bring snacks as the little ones may get hungry from climbing steps and exploring, and please note, strollers are not allowed on the premises. Hope you check it out soon!


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  2. This looks amazing; I love castles! Your blog is beautiful – any tips on where I can learn to design mine? I just started and am totally lost on how to make it look better!

    • Thank you…and thank you ❤ I would suggest that you get a WP template that is easily customizable (your own header/logo/fonts–there are free ones) and really utilize the sidebar for photos, links to your other posts, and social media icons. I know some CSS too, so I was able to change around some of the colors from the original template. Youtube might also have some videos on how to jazz up your site. Hope this helps!

      • Yes, I thought I had picked an easily customizable theme but I am having the hardest time! Strange because I started a blog years ago (that I eventually gave up on) and remember it being so easy! This time around WP is looking very different and I’m not getting far with the tutorials – maybe I need to try a different theme.

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  4. Angela says

    We have fond memories of trips to Napa with my sister and her familly. Feeling nostalgic now…


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