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Title: Jump: Take the Leap of Faith to Achieve Your Life of Abundance

By: Steve Harvey

The Skinny: In Harvey’s signature style, he delivers truly inspiring advice for seeking out and nurturing your Gift, as he calls it. Our Gift is something that we are all born with, something we are passionate about, and something that we do exceptionally well with little effort.

According to Harvey, if do not seek out our Gift, nurture it, and work hard to take the risks that will bring our Gift to life, we are merely existing rather than truly living.

The Pros: I really like his prolific use of metaphors for the many stages and circumstances of life, which makes it easier to understand and apply his principles:

The great things in life aren’t nearby, they aren’t easy to find, and when you do find them, they aren’t easy to get. Diamonds aren’t lying around on the ground. Pearls aren’t sitting there on the grass waiting for you. Diamonds are found deep in the earth. Pearls are at the bottom of the sea.

Steve Harvey

The Cons: None.

The Bottom Line: Harvey’s passionate delivery, along with his own awe-inspiring life story really underscore the wisdom and truth of what he shares in Jump. He emphasizes that if he could go from living out of his car and go some days without even eating, to achieving his dream of being a stand-up comedian and television star, then anyone can attain their goals, if they only jump!


  1. I love Steve Harvey….I didn’t realize that he had another book. His life story is really motivational. Great review 😊


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