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Title: A Newbery Halloween

By: Various Newbery award-winning authors, including Beverly Cleary, E.L. Konigsburg, and Madeleine L’Engle

Good for: Kids ages 6+

The Skinny: A Newbery Halloween is a collection of stories by twelve beloved Newbery award-winning children’s authors. Most of the stories are excerpts from their respective books, and while some are focused on the celebration of Halloween, others are shrouded in mystery and the supernatural.

The Pros: A good variety of stories, with varying spooky themes. The beautiful cover is by Norman Rockwell.

The Cons: None, unless you get scared easily!

The Bottom Line: This is a wonderful and unique anthology of stories, from 20th century childish shenanigans to cultural legends. Not too scary for little ones, but the tales give just enough of the spook factor to spice up this time of year. Plus, they are all written by Newbery authors so they can be enjoyed by all ages.


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