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Title: Herstory

By: Katherine Halligan

Good For: Kids ages 8-12

The Skinny: This book covers short, two-page biographies of 50 accomplished women across all spheres: politics, literature, science, the arts, and civil rights, among others.

Each biography is accompanied by gorgeous full-color illustrations by Sarah Walsh highlighting the women’s achievements and key moments in their lives.

The Pros: Children, boys or girls, will be able to learn about the amazing accomplishments of these 50 women, their key moments summed up in each double-page spread.

But younger children won’t be intimidated by that length, as they will have a splash of color across every page depicting the scenes of what they are reading (or having read to them).

This book is great for adults too. I certainly learned a lot!

The Cons:  This is more of a note of caution: some of the biographies do discuss more mature themes, such as death of a parent, war, and martyrdom.

The text is written simply, in order for children to understand without too many details, but parents should exercise discretion if younger children may be more sensitive to these topics.

The Bottom Line:  My husband was excited to find Herstory and get it for our daughters. We felt it was important for them to see achievements by women throughout history and across cultures, and to understand that women have contributed significantly to our civilization and will always continue to do so.




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