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Being stuck inside during quarantine has certainly got us trying to think of creative ways to spend our free time. What better way to escape than through the lives of television characters?

Here are 6 great shows to stream right now:


Watch The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, if nothing else, for how pretty the show is. It’s set in the sixties, and at first, at least for me, has a similar vibe to Mad Men. The protagonist, Miriam “Midge” Maisel, thinks she has her life all set, until she faces a personal crisis which launches her into a most unconventional career in comedy. The dialogue is quick-witted and the backdrops and props are stunning. Midge’s routines are hilarious and she takes no prisoners. Streaming now on Amazon Prime.


Fleabag is one of those shows where you’re not sure at first which direction the show is going, and then suddenly, it’s going somewhere fast. The protagonist, known only as Fleabag, (portrayed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge) is a lovable loser who finds herself subconsciously competing with her older, more successful sister Claire, and failing spectacularly. She is unlucky in love, the owner of a struggling café, and attempting to come to terms with her father’s remarriage, all while grieving her best friend’s untimely death, and breaking the fourth wall multiple times while she’s at it. Oh, and she falls in love with a foul-mouthed priest. Streaming now on Amazon Prime.


Hey there, cool cats and kittens! I wavered between including Tiger King or not on this list, only because it seems as though everyone has seen it already. For those of you who haven’t, Tiger King is a crazy ride where you will encounter toothless meth addicts, bleached mullets, a woman who may or may not have fed her husband to a tiger, an employee who has no problem with getting an arm chewed off, and a wildly unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign. Did I mention these people all work as caretakers of lots and lots of lions and tigers too? Streaming now on Netflix.


This is one of those rare shows that displays consistently good writing season after season. The Kim family owns a convenience store in Toronto, and go through trials and triumphs like any other family. The husband and wife are Korean immigrants dealing with the ups and downs of running a business, encountering the occasional funny culture clash, while trying to bond with their Canadian-born son and daughter, whom they are sometimes equally confused by. Their church community, quirky roommates, and office colleagues round out the cast. Relatable, quick-witted, and very entertaining. Streaming now on Netflix.


I just started to watch this show, but I thought to include it because it makes science fun! 100 Humans is not for kids, so don’t let them watch with you. Three researchers lead a sample group of 100 guinea pigs in wacky experiments to test different theories and assumptions we never knew we had about human behavior. Never fear, experts are occasionally consulted to explain certain outcomes. Random sampling and statistics made fun! Streaming now on Netflix.


The Office is, of course, the old standby whenever you’re confused as to what to binge-watch next. Especially at this time when everyone is working from home and actually missing being surrounded by annoying co-workers while being stuck in a cubicle all day. It’s always interesting to see who’s working hard or hardly working…just like in real life. Streaming now on Netflix.

What shows are you currently watching while in quarantine?



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  2. LISA says

    I’m re-watching The Office right now! There is so much that you forget over time and are able to laugh about all over again, which I love.

  3. I just started Tiger King and am not sure what all the hub-bub is about, maybe it picks up in later episodes? But I am OBSESSED with the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! She is my hero, the writing is genius, wardrobe is gorgeous, and Rachel Whats-Her-Name (Brosnahan or something?) plays her BRILLIANTLY. I wish there was a new season to watch right now!

    • Tiger King is just so…depraved? I think that’s the word I’m going for. Like something awful you can’t look away from.

      Yes! I agree with everything you mentioned about Mrs Maisel! I know it’s tempting to binge-watch this one, but take it slow and savor it. It gets better and better as it goes. Fun fact: I think I read somewhere that Rachel is related to Kate Spade. So lots of creative genes there! Happy viewing!


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