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Los Cabos, Mexico is one of those quick and easy getaways that truly transport you to another world. You can leave your cares and worries behind, while enjoying amazing service, heavenly weather, and mouth-watering cuisine.

Your main decisions will consist of: Where should we eat today? How long should we spend at the pool? What drink haven’t I tried yet? What activity shall I try next? Easy, right?

That was our experience at Paradisus Los Cabos in Mexico. My husband was getting burnt out at work and a family vacation was in order.  This all-inclusive resort boasts stunning landscapes and stellar customer service. We went during Thanksgiving break, and our only job was to have fun and enjoy ourselves!


Not gonna lie, one huge thing I was looking forward to before our trip was how much I was going to stuff my face. I was not disappointed. We visited all five (of seven total) restaurants included in our package, and even went to dinner twice in one evening, because a 10pm reservation was all we could get for that night. (P.S. it was totally worth it!)

Naos and Market Grill are across from each other, and have a similar vibe, except Naos is completely indoors while Market Grill is open to an outdoor terrace with gorgeous views of the resort and the pool beyond. Both offer buffet-style continental fare in a laid-back, kid-friendly atmosphere.

Gabi is located off the pool area, adjacent to the beachfront. The food is also buffet-style, with mostly Italian, but burgers and other specialties are available upon request. There are two levels for diners; both floors offer amazing views of the Sea of Cortez and its white, sandy beach.

For a unique Asian experience, check out Tokimeku (formerly Bana). We were only able to get a 10pm dinner reservation for any of the nights we were staying—that’s how popular this place was. We had an earlier dinner at Gabi with the girls, then after frolicking on the beach for a few hours, we went for Dinner Number 2 at Tokimeku, while our poor girls were passed out next to us. The ambience is amazing here, more upscale than the other previous restaurants, filled with Chinese lanterns, Buddha statues, and other such Asian motifs. While there is no dress code, you wouldn’t be out of place dressing up if that’s your thing.

Mole was the other restaurant we didn’t mind taking a late reservation for, just for the sake of trying out the food. Its flavors are authentically Mexican, and just sitting in Mole’s ambience was a preview for what was to come. Fortunately this time, we had taken a nap in the afternoon, and all four of us were able to enjoy the food here together.


Can we talk about the pool??

This is basically one pool, with different sections–deeper for more experienced swimmers, and shallow areas for families and children. The pool is surrounded by sun loungers with canopies, as well as regular lounge chairs. After breakfast each day, we visited the pool and cooled off while soaking up the sun. There was music playing during Aquacise classes, while others played water volleyball. In the center of the pool is a swim-up bar, where you can order all-inclusive drinks, water, and smoothies.

Further from the pool is the beach. It’s a bit of a walk, but once you are down there, you can enjoy the pristine white sand and turquoise waters that make up the Sea of Cortez. We spent some time here on our first full day, and were not disappointed by all the natural beauty. We even saw lots of black crabs scrambling up the rocks and out of the waves! It’s pretty much impossible to take a bad photo on the beach. The lighting and backdrop are perfect, so make sure to click away!


In case you were wondering, there are lots of non-water activities for those looking to pick up a new skill or just soak up some culture. On our first night, we were treated to a Mexican folk dance show by local dancers in native costumes, including Jarabe Tapatío.

The next evening, we enjoyed a duo called Rock Band who sang covers of famous American hits, live in Avenue Bar. There was even live saxophonist during dinner, and a wine and paint event that my husband and I attended while our girls were having fun in the Kids Zone. Tokimeku turns into a club every night from 11pm-1am—perfect for unwinding and listening to a live DJ.


Kids Zone is where you can drop off your kids during the day if you wish to explore the resort while they have fun with their own age group. I was a bit apprehensive at first to drop off the kids here, as they would be totally separate from us, and I didn’t know how we and the staff would stay in touch. Fortunately, as long as you have WhatsApp, you can call or text back and forth whenever needed. They also have a form you fill out for your child where you provide your phone number and email address.

The kids ended up having lots of fun, and even begged us to let them stay a little longer when we came to pick them up after wine and painting. Along with having their own kids meals and snacks, there was pizza-making, a movie, and even a circus, complete with juggler and clowns. The activities are different, depending on the day, but our kids were definitely entertained. I think it also helped that they got to make friends with other kids their own age while on vacation.

Some tips I would add:

When visiting, bring about $100-200 in singles. This is to tip the servers and bartenders, as well as to leave tips for housekeepers who do an exceptional job. Tips aren’t required (as the resort is all-inclusive), but it’s a nice way to show appreciation for excellent service. And the service here is fantastic beyond belief.

It’s a good idea to stick to filtered or bottled water, but the water in the restaurants is safe to drink. When in doubt, you can always order sparkling water, which comes in a can.

The daytime weather when we went in November was absolutely perfect. It was not too cold, not too hot. However, the evenings were very slightly chilly with a cool breeze blowing off the ocean. Make sure to bring a wrap or light sweater for yourselves and the kiddos.

All in all, staying at Paradisus Los Cabos was a wonderful experience. It’s a very family-friendly place that you and your kids will remember for a long time!


  1. ELIZABETH says

    We went to Cancun last summer and have wanted to try Los Cabos. Great pics!!


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