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The country of Bhutan is absolutely breathtaking. It is filled with beautiful people who carry love and happiness in their heart. Trekking in Bhutan will give you a unique experience of mingling with its local people.

For people from western countries, it may be a little difficult to step in because of the strict laws, but it will be worth it. This beautiful country, located near the Himalayas, has a small population. Every year, thousands of tourists come to this country to trek. The best months to trek are March through May. If you like the colder months, then you could go there in October too.

Here are the top 5 trekking spots you must visit in Bhutan:

Jomolhari Trek

This trek is very popular amongst tourists and the locals, and it spans eight days. This mildly challenging trek will take you across Takhung pass and Bhonte pass. Jomolhari Trek attracts many visitors for getting a good view of the Jomolhari mountain range, between Tibet and Bhutan, popularly known as Bride of Kangchenjunga. If you must visit this place, then try to go there during the annual mountain festival. The time of this festival changes every year so be sure to plan in advance.

Druk path trek

This is a fabulous trek that spans six days. The trek begins in Paro and takes you all the way to the mountains of Thimpu. You will be taken by experienced guides through beautiful alpine forests. On your way to Thimpu, you will be treated to a grand view of the mountain range of Gangkar Puensum, one of the biggest peaks in Bhutan.

Bumthang Trek

Beginning near the village of Dhur, this trek spans three days and is a good option for people who love short treks, giving you the chance to absorb some of the local culture and also explore the mountains. If you visit during the summer months, you can see a huge variety of the rhododendrons along with bamboo forests. If you like taking photos, then you could literally spend hours here taking wonderful photographs. You will also get the rare opportunity to visit many monasteries including Chuedak monastery which features beautiful stone carvings.

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek

This trek is relatively very challenging as it spans six days, and you get to indulge in a variety of activities. It will take you through several traditional villages in Bhutan and you will have a good experience of the life in the Himalayas. The trek will involve in a number of ascents and descents of the ridge, this may be the most challenging part of the trek.

Gangtey Trek

The trek to this place is very beautiful; this lies to the eastern side of Wangduephodrang. Once you cross the pass you will come to the famous monastery in Gangtey that was constructed in 17th Century. A village called Phobjika which is situated close to the monastery. The valley is relatively quiet and is also known to be the home of the black cranes that come here from Tibet. This trek also takes you to the traditional villages of khotokha and Gogona, typically in the summer months these villages showcase a wide variety of rare flowers. This trek is comparatively shorter than the others and you will get you will get to visit many villages. You can take this trip at any time of the year excepting the summer months August and July. Summer months are best to take this trip.

So these are the top 5 trekking spots you must visit in Bhutan, as they will help you discover the strong side of you. Make sure you carry appropriate clothes and gear before you go out on these treks. It is also advisable to carry essential medication and first aid kits. As per government rules you must hire a local guide for all these treks. You can get in touch with a trekking agency in Bhutan to take care of your tour. You will go home with wonderful memories that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. 


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  1. Lucy says

    I loved the article. I never considered visiting Bhutan but this makes me more interested in going…


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