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Dubai may be termed as the abode of skyscrapers, modern living and luxury, but it never fails to surprise us with its versatility. Being all rounded in entertainment, Dubai offers loads of options for kids to enjoy themselves as equally as their parents in the summer season. So worry less about your children’s enjoyment as you have landed in the right place to explore Dubai in its magical ways to amuse them and make wonderful memories of their summer vacations.

Here are the top 12 kid-friendly activities and destinations in Dubai that you must visit this summer:


Lego has been for ages an all time favorite amongst kids and has never failed to amuse the kids. LEGOLAND® is a Lego-based adventure-themed water park packed with exciting rides and incredible spots to cool off.

Yas Waterworld

Yet another water theme park, Yas Waterworld is the world’s largest water theme park. Popularly known as the water’s greatest playground, Yas draws thousands of visitors all across the world. Based on Aladdin’s story, the park is complete with thrilling rides, wave pools and other fun filled activities like Mermaid Adventures, Giant Snake, Gigantic Fortress and many more fun activities for the entire family.

Motiongate Theme Park

A Hollywood themed park, Motiongate is an absolute paradise for kids. See the famous animation characters come alive through the four sections of the park based on The Smurfs, Lionsgate, Columbia Pictures and DreamWorks Animation. Interact with the live characters and enjoy exciting rides.

IMG Adventure World

With a multitude of options, IMG World attracts over 20,000 tourists every day! In total, there are five zones, including themes based on Cartoon Network characters and Marvel, as well as Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure, which is a real treat for the young ones.

Dubai Dolphinarium

Let your child experience the amazing bond between humans and dolphins as the little ones swim along with these amazing marine creatures. A fun 20-minute slot can be booked and the most amazing part is that parents can get in the pool too! Your kids will absolutely love the stunts that the dolphins perform, splashing and swimming in the waters of the Dolphinarium.

The Dubai Mall & Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates is an amazing place for the kids to explore places like the amazing Dubai Fountain show displaying innumerable colors and dancing to the tunes of the music, and Ski Dubai, the indoor ski park. Let your child loose on the snowy floors of the ski resort and watch them thoroughly enjoy themselves with snowballs and amateur skiing. Dubai Mall also houses the amazing Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo displaying sharks and other sea creatures. They can be experienced through a glass tunnel and is surely an enchanting and surreal experience for your kids.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Yes, there are over 45 million flowers amidst this land of concrete and skyscrapers which is an absolute treat to the eyes. Sprawling over a vast area, Miracle Garden is considered one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Complete with a butterfly park, this garden is a perfect place for your kids to feast their eyes on the array of colors and run around in the perfectly manicured green stretches and creative garden planning!

Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis

This enchanting place is themed on the lost city of Atlantis with glass tunnels and fish feeding sessions. Great for both kids and adults, this place houses yoga chambers, snorkeling activities, interactive activities, as well as a vast array of aquarium housing and displaying over 45,000 species of marine life.

Global Village

If you want to get your child enlightened about Dubai’s past history, culture and heritage, Global Village is the perfect place to hang around. This place brings together all the facets of Dubai under one roof and is extremely informative and entertaining for the kids.

Desert Camping

The desert can be an adventurous place for your little ones as they can camp amidst the wilderness and stare at the night sky covered with hundreds of twinkling stars and planets. Spend a tranquil time with your kids in tents and take a fun camel ride with VIP Desert Safari.

Ras Al Khor

A little way from the city center, Ras Al Khor invites spectacular views of the pink flamingoes. Thousands of flamingoes are observed lining the water bodies and it is a special treat for the kids to run around and observe these beautiful birds out in the open.

Media City Park duck feeding & The Turtle Rehabilitation Project at Madinat Jumeirah

Whether duck feeding or rare turtle feeding, Dubai has both lined up for the kids to come up close to nature and experience the thrill of these activities. Children will feel happy and content when they observe these wonderful creatures taking food right from their little hands!

With these 12 amazing places, you are sure to keep your little bundles of energy entertained and engaged while in Dubai. And not only that, you can enjoy the time with them too!



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  1. Isobel A. says

    The waterworld water park looks bomb! I would love to check it out.

  2. Ben says

    Awesome Dubai bucket list! Good also for those of us without kiddos too 🙂


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