On some days, it feels as though every conversation I have with my kids is only yelling and scolding. It’s as if that’s the only interaction we have sometimes.

But then there are other days—I roll with Peanut on the floor, her eyes transfixed with wonder. I tickle Pumpkin, her vulnerability surfacing and her rebellion falling away amid peals of laughter, those baby giggles that melt the heart.

I hope they remember these good times, too, even when they’re older, not just the bad times when Mama was having a hard day.

The anger and frustration are momentary. It’s the moments that are everything.

9 thoughts on “I HOPE THEY REMEMBER…

  1. So true I feel so bad sometimes, from yelling and telling them no.. but when I realize I am doing that I look at them and I feel love for them and realize their only kids and their smiles and jokes make me realize that their my all.

  2. That mommy guilt is real though! Here’s to hoping our kids’ memories of our ‘weaker’ moments isn’t so great 😉 hahaha!

  3. I think our kids sift through the memories and take an overall vibe of how their childhood was. If it was mostly good,then they’re fine. As long as your parenting is consistent as possible and you give them enough affection too.


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