Halloween is in a dead heat with Christmas for being my favorite holiday. That said, I love to decorate for this time of year, from pumpkins and scarecrows for Autumn, to ghosts and skulls for Halloween.

One element of the holiday that I’ve always wanted to use for decor is apothecary jars. They are usually found in at least some stores, but they looked easy enough for me to DIY, and would be a great excuse to get crafty!



– glass bottles of various sizes
– boiled black tea
– scissors
– glue stick
– printable apothecary jar labels (I found mine here)
– gold tissue paper
– jute twine


1. Soak glass bottles in warm soapy water for 1-2 hours to remove their original labels.

2. Once labels are removed, wash and dry bottles and put them aside.

3. Print out apothecary jar labels, and cut them carefully along the edges.

4. Pour the tea into a bowl and carefully place the labels one at a time into the tea. Leave the labels for about one hour. The labels will acquire an aged vintage look once they are stained by the tea.

5. Remove the labels from the tea and leave them on a flat surface to dry.

6. Once the labels have dried, carefully glue them onto the bottles using a glue stick.

7. After the gluing the labels, cut squares from the tissue paper and glue one to the mouth of each jar/bottle. Secure the paper around the bottle threading by tying jute twine around it and gluing it to the paper.


And there you have it! It’s a really fun and easy Halloween craft that will definitely add that spook factor to any shelf or table decor!


  1. Soaking paper in coffee also gives great results. It gives it more of a brownish color, if that’s what you’re going for.


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