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style sheet: onward and upward!


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The humble chevron, most notably seen on highways and at gas stations (no endorsement implied!) has always told us which direction to go…forward.

It should come as no surprise then, the chevron is now the hottest thing in fashion, from dresses to interior design.

So whether you’re rocking a chevron print dress, bag, shoes—or decide to shake up your living space with a splash of chevron—know that this latest trend will keep you a step ahead.




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6 thoughts on “style sheet: onward and upward!

    • I just bought a chevron dress that I LOVE, and I agree–it’s not girly, but still makes a bold statement.

      I’d love to get some cushions and pillows too. Maybe you could try getting pillow cases that would allow you to change your room’s look every now and then instead of permanently.

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