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christmas specials: why do we watch them year after year?

rudolph the red-nosed reindeerEvery Christmas season, I have my own traditions: setting up the tree, putting up decorations, hanging up the lights, going to church, and of course, catching the annual Christmas specials.

Why do I keep tuning in to watch these programs year after year? It’s not like the ending will ever change in any of them–the Grinch will give Christmas back to Who-ville, the Peanuts gang will save Charlie Brown’s tree.

how the grinch stole christmas / frosty the snowman

Maybe because it reminds me of being a kid all over again. Or maybe it’s nice to see the old positive messages of Christmas being reinforced, knowing they will never get old.

xmas tree

Whatever it may be, many memorable scenes from these movies have been repeatedly alluded to in pop culture, so many of us can relate.

Even though some new specials have emerged, such as Prep & Landing and Shrek the Halls, only time will tell if they come back like Frosty every year.



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