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Pregnancy is one of the biggest things an individual can go through as a woman. It’s a time for warm fuzzies…and awkward and downright offensive situations. Here are some of my personal favorites (ah, memories):

You look so beautiful.

I know you’re think you’re trying to be nice, but even if she’s glowing on the outside, she feels tired, hormonal, achy, hungry, nauseous, hungry and nauseous, fat, bloated…you get the idea. She doesn’t feel beautiful, so it sounds patronizing. Stop rubbing it in.

Can I rub your belly? (Then rub it anyway)

Unless you’re Daddy, another family member, or a very close friend, never touch her belly without permission, or better yet, don’t even ask. She already feels like a circus freak, and this will only add to it.

Looking at you, I just want to have another one!

She cannot imagine going through what she’s experiencing again, let alone now. Until the baby comes, that is. But she’ll never believe you if she’s a first-time mom, so let her figure it out on her own.

Did you pick out a name? What is it? What is it?!

If she says yes, and then there’s an awkward silence, chances are she’s not ready to actually say the name out loud to others yet. Don’t keep asking—she’s not going to tell you. If she wants everyone to know, believe me, she’ll find a way to sneak the baby’s name into every conversation.

Are you feeling okay? (over and over)

She’s okay, trust me. If she’s not, she knows what to do—tell her doctor, talk to her husband and family, take time off work. She’s trying to feel her best and keep it together, so don’t make her think she’s falling apart or there’s something wrong with her.

You look like you’re ready to pop!

She’s already nervous about giving birth, possibly for the first time. No pregnant woman wants to think about “popping” in any sense. Stop it.

Labor is extremely painful.

What’s wrong with you?! Yes, it hurts. A lot. And more than that. But don’t say it out loud, for goodness’ sake. Not cool, people. (If you’re currently pregnant for the first time, I hope you didn’t read this one.)

You’re going to poop in front of the doctor, nurses, and your husband while giving birth, but it’s okay!

Wait…WHAT?!! Whoa, no one told me this! she’ll shriek. Yes, it’s true. But why mention it now? Childbirth ain’t pretty guys, but thankfully, at that point—and only at that point—she is not going to know or care which end is up, only that the doctors get the baby out and keep her alive. That’s what I was thinking anyway. I’m not going into the rest. (If you’re currently pregnant for the first time, I hope you didn’t read this one either. Oops.)

What’s the strangest thing someone has said or done to you while you were pregnant?




  1. It was already written and posted months ago, on my other blog site. I was waiting to post it here after I built a decent following.

  2. I met my favorite singer, Chante Moore, backstage after her concert. She was pregnant. Without thinking, I placed my hand on her stomach and told her she was blessed with child. She smiled and said thank you, but once common sense prevailed, I was ready to stick a nail in an electric socket. Thanks for sharing!

    • At least you called her blessed. I would rub my co-worker’s belly and say “Hi, baby!” I did it like five times before I realized I was annoying her. It was so embarrassing! Thanks for visiting!

      • LMAO, but at least your co-worker NEW you! I’m going to post the hilarious tale of the day I met her and how I made a complete idiot of myself. I promise to send you the link when you see just how stupid ALL of my actions where.

    • If I’m being totally honest, I used to be a belly-rubber before I had kids of my own. I had no idea how annoying it was until people would do it to me. I was so embarrassed thinking back on what I’d done! πŸ˜– Oops. Live and learn.

  3. Kate Tairi says

    A few of these, I don’t mind! I don’t mind people rubbing my belly, or asking if I feel okay, or asking about names (or the gender!). I DO definitely mind when people go on about how painful labour is, or how much work a newborn is…

  4. Dear Jen how true so right one more thing I use to hate when people use to ask me are you nervous about the c section …someone asked me day before getting admitted of course I m nervous plz don’t remind me when I am diverting my mind to happier thoughts

    • Wow, it’s so hard to believe someone would say that to you right before your procedure 😑

      I had gotten the labor “pep talks” the first time and I think it made it worse for me. The second time, however, others didn’t advise me, and I was able to breathe through my labor pains more effectively. Don’t ever let anyone mess with your head πŸ˜‰

  5. haha ! nice one Jen !! and so true…people need to learn a little diplomacy when it comes to a pregnant woman !
    I would like to add a few more to this list :
    1. Oh dear you have put on ! : of course I have , for god’s sake I am pregnant and I realize it …don’t make me feel worse !
    2. I hope the baby is moving , you never know… : Come on! I know if my baby isn’t moving and I know what to do if he isn’t so are not a doctor , so..stop acting like one !
    3.You must eat twice the normal are eating for two : Eating more..? yes..but double? right ..that’s is more important !
    hehe..I think i can keep adding to this list…. πŸ˜€

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