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I am ashamed of the fact that I can actually decipher the title of this post.

It seems that we are all so busy in our lives today that we don’t have the time to spell words correctly when we send a text. I can understand being in a rush, but what about those people who send emails that look like this?

Anyone who knows me well enough knows I am a grammar ninja of the highest order and I just cannot tolerate spelling or grammar mistakes I make in writing, much less those of anyone else. I even read the Chicago Manual of Style—for fun.

So when people type this way in order to display a “new” or “creative” spelling of certain words, it gets under my skin. There have even been times where I’ve been tempted to proofread these emails and send them right back. (Yeah, I know I’m weird, get over it. I myself was at one time guilty of using “u” in place of “you”. I cringe at the thought of it.)

George Orwell spoke of something similar to this in his masterpiece Nineteen Eighty-Four, when he mentioned Newspeak, the new vernacular of the modern age. Certain words were removed completely from English in order to streamline the language, but in eliminating words, creativity was actually diminished.


Does spelling words incorrectly in the name of saving time actually make us dumber?

After a while, it seemed natural to spell “u” instead of “you” and I almost stopped noticing it was incorrect. I yanked myself out of this bad habit and now I’m much pickier about my spelling when I type.

I feel as though the art of writing is under attack and the standard of good writing is decreasing, if any spelling passes for the right one and as long as the reader can decipher it. Is this just a passing fad or the Newspeak of our generation?

What internet slang or abbreviations irritate you the most?


  1. I’m absolutely terrible at texting but it seems no one wants to actually use the phone as a phone any more. I once texted my sister while a passenger in a car and she replied, “What?” I looked at my text and realized it looked as if an alien had attempted to write a message with only a basic understanding of Earth language. I re-sent the text and she sent back, “Oh. Good. I thought you’d had a stroke.”

      • I’ve never used “u” in place of “you.” I did type it once and every fiber of my being rose up in anguish. lol But my sons text so much I’ve picked up the TTYL and a few other acronyms. Oy.

  2. I think it’s a fad. In text msg earlier there used to be charges and hence shortening made some sense but now it’s all free. Emails, what’s app, FB message – so why cut it out and shut off people?

    • I. WISH. I. KNEW.
      I agree that it must be a fad though. The problem starts when there is no universal “wrong” spelling for words, and so two people could spell the same word two different ways and there would be confusion. 😒

  3. Ha ha…the Times had a recent article about the language being used in the answer papers and it seemed preposterous. Would give any examiner a headache !

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