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style sheet-outdoor living space

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This may not come as a surprise, but I just LOVE spending time in my garden. Its serenity often serves to center me, especially after a stressful day or situation.

Whenever possible, I add and update pieces to help tie in an overall color palette or season, or just because a change is in order.

An inviting outdoor space should be an extension of your indoor space—and of your personal style. And what could be more comforting than bringing that style into nature?

What piece of furniture or decor really warms up your outdoor space?

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When she’s not blogging, playing wife, mom (to her daughters Pumpkin + Peanut), international politics aficionado, or wannabe fashionista, Jen can be found soaking in the natural beauty of the outdoors on walks as an avid nature lover. And yes, talking—a lot.  


  1. Beth says

    What a beautiful, inspiring space! I can’t wait until it’s a bit warmer where I am…


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