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style sheet: red carpet ready

red carpet ready

       1 | dress // earrings // clutch // shoes           2dress // earrings // clutch // shoes   

3dress // earrings // clutch // shoes

Award season is here, and soon it will be time to see which films earn an Academy Award and thus secure their place in cinema history.

As all eyes will be on the sartorial choices of those on the red carpet, some of us by turns may laud or criticize what—or whom—they are wearing.

As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not all your fashion choices may earn you an Oscar-worthy nod, but coupled with confidence and a winning smile, they will certainly make you shine like a star, whatever the occasion.


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Jen is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Haute Mommy Handbook. When she’s not blogging, playing wife, mom (to her daughters Pumpkin and Peanut), international politics aficionado, or wannabe fashionista, she can be found soaking in the natural beauty of the outdoors on walks as an avid nature lover. And yes, talking—a lot.



  1. Fabulous looks! My favorite is hands down the second one … I love the color of the dress and I feel like sometimes less and simplicity is so much more, especially on the red carpet! Really looking forward to seeing what the bombshells of Hollywood will be wearing on the red carpet.


    • Thanks, Sonam. I was drawn to the second dress as well. I really admire 1940s style and I like how even though the cut is a bit conservative, the look is still very feminine. I’m also looking forward to the big night 🙂


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