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Film Review: Bang Bang! (2014)

bang bang

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Title: Bang Bang!

Starring: Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Pavan Malhotra

Genre: Action Thriller

The Skinny: An international jewel thief unintentionally falls in love with a lonely bank receptionist, whom he takes along on a thrilling ride while evading the men he’s double-crossed. A Bollywood remake of Knight and Day.

The Pros: Amazing stunts. That is all. Oh, yeah—and Roshan’s Photoshopped physique.

The Cons: HORRIBLE acting (even for the veteran protagonists), silly plot which jumps illogically, Kaif’s girlish shrieks, the jumps from one country to the next within a few minutes. Your neck will hurt from all the head-shaking you’ll be doing.

The Bottom Line: Clearly a rebound movie for post-divorce Roshan, who has something to prove via chiseled abs, impossible stunts, and the audacious defiance of Death itself, Bang Bang! would be a halfway decent action thriller if the plot and acting weren’t so effing ridiculous.


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