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what great and amazing feat has your body done?So after you have a baby, your body is never the same again, right moms?

But how many of you would actually have the courage to show your Mummy Tummy (sagging skin, stretch marks, loose abdominal muscles) for all the world to see?

Not me!

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But wait…there’s a woman in Canada who WAS brave enough to show her belly while sunbathing on a beach in Alberta in a BIKINI!

This chick has moxie, I’ll tell you that.

While she was lying on the beach, minding her own business, three individuals, not too far away, openly mocked her within earshot, referencing her figure.

She got back at them by posting this on Facebook:

fb screenshot-mom-fat-shaming

Her remarks have led to an outpouring of support over this incident of “mommy fat-shaming“.

We have all caused this “damage” to our own mothers, whether we were her first baby or her tenth.

For those who don’t believe me, call your mother up and ask her yourself. Or better yet, visit her, fall to your knees, and give her a little kiss on her tummy.

Did these three individuals really still believe they had been delivered by the stork or what?


  1. Kelly G says

    I heard about this on the news. Was happy she showed those guys what’s what.


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