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from the backseat of an autorickshaw: thrissur pooram


thrissur pooram_tabToday is Thrissur Pooram. Hubby is going. I am not.

For starters, there will be close to one hundred thousand people crammed into the city streets for the festival. There will be pickpocketers aplenty, and the crowded streets are not exactly the safest place for women. There are “box seats,” seats up on buildings and other high places that require an advanced ticket purchase, tickets which have been sold out months in advance (we only found this out last week). Those would have been a viable option, but…oh well.

The weather will either be sweltering humidity or possible rain (it rained a bit last night, and there are some remaining storm clouds). These wouldn’t be that big of a deal, except that one wouldn’t be able to move in a crowd like that.


Photo credit: Original photo


Thrissur Pooram is an annual event, a good-natured competition of sorts between Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi temples. Elephants are displayed on both sides, decorated with caparisons, and standing tall with paapans atop them. Then begins the kudamattam, the changing of the umbrellas. Each temple tries to outdo the other with the beauty and ornateness of their umbrellas. Also displayed are fans and bells, to the cheers of the crowd.


Photo credit: Original photo


I’m eating my lunch when my husband calls, saying he’ll only be home in another few hours. It rained a bit, but it’s mostly sunny, he says. The crowd is so thick that he was unable to even take out his umbrella, let alone open it. It’s so crowded that he couldn’t insert even a needle between himself and the person next to him, he says!


Photo credit: Original photo

He comes home around 6pm, and is burned black by the sun. He’s been outside since 11am, and is hot, tired, hungry, and sore from standing for so long. But he says it was worth it to see Pooram up close, and I hope I can see it someday too.


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6 thoughts on “from the backseat of an autorickshaw: thrissur pooram

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  3. sounds amazing! Although those crowds aren’t my cup of tea either. I’m sure you’ll have other opportunities to book a safe viewing point in the future, now you know.

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