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from the backseat of an autorickshaw: how to save a life


save a life tab


It’s a peaceful morning, full of…nothing to do! (*happy dance*)

The kids want to play out front, so I take them downstairs and out the front door, where they happily run back and forth with their cousins.

front yard

I’m sweeping a corner of the veranda, when I notice a small ball of fur near a large metal vessel sitting in the carport. When I approach it, I discover that it’s in fact a bird, and that it’s not dead—but alive, and breathing rapidly.

My husband comes outside and we pick up the bird carefully, and wrap it in a cloth to warm it. It’s feathers are wet, and we conclude it must be a baby that was just leaving the nest to fly for the first time, and instead landed in the vessel, which is half full of water. My MIL tells us later that she had pulled the bird out earlier that morning, thinking it was dead (similar to bird pictured below).

oriental magpie robin

There is an old birdhouse above the carport, and my husband places the bird in it, where it opens its eyes.

An hour later, when I come to check on our bird, it is singing in a small but sweet little voice.

I come back to call the kids for breakfast, and Baby Bird is shifting around in the cloth and ruffling its feathers.

I’m thinking It must be hungry, poor thing! and go back inside to bring it some rice. When I return, there is another bird there, feeding Baby Bird. This bird is a bigger version of the little one, with similar color and markings. Mama has arrived!

Mama flies off, and I am moved. I always thought that mother birds left their little ones for dead if ever they fell from their nest, thinking there was nothing they could do. But Mama must have been worried sick, as I would’ve been for my babies, and she didn’t give up searching until she found hers. I take the rice back to the kitchen.

We watch the birdhouse for the next several hours, while the kids run all around us.

Every hour on the hour, Mama returns with more food for her baby. Baby Bird regains its strength, and by mid-afternoon, when we go outside to look, the birdhouse is empty.

Baby and Mama have flown away.

What a beautiful early Mother’s Day gift, a reminder that the love for one’s child exists everywhere in this world, in all of God’s creatures.

Photo credit | Original photo

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