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from the backseat of an autorickshaw: engagement and wedding


engagement_wedding tab

I wake up to the sound of frantic cleaning and hurried conversation—it’s the wedding day!

The engagement ceremony was earlier this week, and it went smoothly enough. There were hundreds in attendance, but at least the church ceremony was short and sweet.

Afterwards, we went next door to the reception hall, where a buffet lunch awaited us. There were live singers and the stage was beautifully decorated.

That was a dry run of sorts for today, though. We quickly get up, and my SIL and I rush off to the beauty parlor for our hair and makeup, and to be dressed in our sarees.

By the time we return home, photographers have filled the foyer of the house, and it’s packed with relatives, most of whom I’m still unfamiliar with. Hubby and our girls are dressed, and once everyone is ready, we make our way to one of the waiting rental cars outside and proceed to the church.


The wedding ceremony is simple and beautiful, but unfortunately, between the throng of photographers, Pumpkin’s tantrums, and the mind-numbing heat, it is difficult to watch the ceremony peacefully.

When it’s finally over, we stand in groups for family photos with the newlyweds. I can’t wait to get to the reception and sit somewhere and eat!

When my family and I get back in the car and begin the short trip to the reception hall, something seems off. When we ask the driver why he’s moving so slowly, he replies that there is a traffic jam caused by a motorist coming the wrong way up the street. Horns honking and people shouting don’t really help the situation! My husband’s family calls several times, as they’ve all reached the hall and are waiting for us to arrive.

hanging out at the reception

Fifteen minutes later, we arrive at the hall and rush inside to meet our family. There are short speeches, and afterwards, guests mill about, serving themselves at the buffet tables, reuniting with relatives, and enjoying the live music.


After posing for many photographs onstage with ours and my new SIL’s family, we all sit down together to eat our meal—chicken curry, beef, fish, mutton, vegetables, rice, and for dessert, gulab jamun, jelebi, halwa, and icecream…yum!


All in all, it’s a good (yet hectic!) day, and now that the craziness of the wedding is over, we are planning to take the kids sightseeing—after we rest for a few days, that is!


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