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from the backseat of an autorickshaw: shopping for sarees and wedding gold


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Jet lag may be difficult to deal with, but it has two awesome side effects:

  1. The kids are asleep immediately after they’re put down for a nap
  2. I wake up fully refreshed at 6 am!

Today is no exception.

We wake up just ahead of the sunrise, and begin getting the kids situated. Today we will be going into town to make the wedding purchases. The plan is to meet up with my BIL’s fiancée and her family, pick out our outfits for the engagement and wedding ceremonies next week, and help pick out the bride’s wedding gold.

After breakfast, we quickly get dressed and the whole family gets into the car for the trip.


Photo credit: Original photo

We arrive shortly at Jayalakshmi Silks, a new-ish saree showroom here in town. In the lobby, the AC is a welcome relief for the humidity outside. A rhinestone embellished lavender lehenga is draped over a female mannequin, and next to that, a male mannequin stands tall in a matching sherwani and shawl.

We make our way to the floor carrying wedding sarees, lehengas, and dresses.

The bride’s family is already assembled and poring over their many choices, holding up this or that saree up to her face to see if it suits her. Employees bring us chairs and chai as we chime in with our opinions in a good-natured fashion. The saleswoman behind the counter scurries back and forth bringing even more choices in silk and gold thread, rapidly unfolding and spreading it out with an expert flick of the wrist, and laying it out for everyone’s examination.

The bride finally chooses one, and we all stand up. The saleswoman puts the chosen saree aside, so we can continue shopping.


Stacks of sarees / Photo credit: Jen/The Haute Mommy Handbook

Hubby and his brother have already gone down to the men’s floor, where they are waiting for us. My husband has picked out a suit for the engagement, while my BIL has a sherwani and suit in hand. Unlike the ladies, the guys seem to know exactly what they want and get it fast!

My MIL, sister-in-law (SIL), and I decide to go the kids’ floor first to select outfits for our four kids before they get bored and start throwing a tantrum. As we have three girls between us, we make our way to that section. We are really spoiled for choice, as there are beautiful and layered dresses, of all styles and colors, simply floating off of hangers, draped gracefully on mannequins, or laid out on several counters.

red dress

Photo credit: Jen/The Haute Mommy Handbook

I come up with the idea of dressing the three girls alike for the wedding, so, after deciding on one dress, ask the saleswoman to take down the appropriate sizes from the shelves behind her. We hurry to the boys’ area and my SIL quickly chooses a shirt and pants for her son. We also select dresses in varying shades of red for the girls (for the engagement) and get going.

As we’ve also planned to go out to lunch with my BIL’s fiancée and family, we wait until everyone is ready to go, as all our family members are scattered throughout the five-story showroom.

My hideous jet lag swoops over me once again around the noon hour. I’m carrying Peanut and yawning nonstop. I catch a reflection of myself in one of the many wall mirrors and my eyes are red.

Finally, we leave the shop and make our drive to the hotel for lunch.


Lunchtime! / Photo credit: Jen/The Haute Mommy Handbook

It’s already 2 pm and we are famished! We are served chicken biryani and dig in eagerly. We are seated around a large table and talk pleasantly after the meal. After washing up, it’s decided that we will proceed to the gold shop, and that my MIL, SIL, and I will return this week to purchase our things.

We arrive at a newly opened mall, where the gold shop is located. The mall is large and busy, especially for a weekday. We are all shown different pieces, although it’s up to the bride and her family to make the final choices regarding her wedding jewelry. The female relatives in our family just tag along for fun, curious to see what she selects. After a few hours of trying on different pieces and asking others’ opinions, her family purchases what she wants, and we leave the shop.


Photo credit: Original photo

It’s already dark when we emerge. It’s been a very long and tiring day, and we still haven’t finished purchasing everything. We did get a lot done, though, and still have the rest of this week to finish up before the engagement ceremony on Monday.


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