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style sheet: bollywood calling

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As I plan an upcoming trip overseas to India, one thing I always anticipate is the shopping.

I’ve always seen cute, exotic, or just plain unique items hidden away in the most unassuming of shops. So it’s a little surprising to see how many Bollywood-inspired pieces are all around us here in the US, and how many of these or similar items can be found in India.

This list may be a little long, but it’s only a fraction of what’s out there! I’m glad I won’t need to lug these halfway around the world—but they’ll do nicely in my dream closet!

  1. 70’s Pink Embroidered Halter Top
  2. Christian Louboutin Devidas 140 embellished suede pumps
  3. Matthew Williamson embellished suede clutch
  4. Ralph Lauren Paisley Oblong Silk Scarf
  5. Mango Coloured Jeggings, Bright Green
  6. Peacock Feather Hair Clip
  7. DENY Designs Gina Rivas Design Henna Floral Throw Pillow
  8. Blu Bijoux Gold Crystal Purple And Yellow Chandelier Earrings
  9. RGB Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Peacock
  10. Tamarah Super Skinny Stretch Zip Front Jeggings
  11. Goa Cross Body Bag
  12. Lolita Jewelry Gold and Lapis Blue Teardrops Chandelier Earrings
  13. Sparkle Bindi Set
  14. Pink Mesh Embroidered Tunic
  15. Matterial Fix Gold And CZ Henna Statement Cuff
  16. Oscar de la Renta Spanish Mule embellished linen and leather slippers
  17. Henna in Aqua Fabric (background)




  1. katpegimana says

    Absolutely love 1, 3 & 7! Which part of India are you going to?

  2. Tess says

    Sigh…..I’m in love with this!! I really want those Louboutins ❤


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