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Style Sheet: Baby Is Here! Now What Do I Wear? (Part III: Weekend)

baby is here-now what do i wear

baby is here_weekend


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Welcome back to Baby’s Here! Now What Do I Wear?

Today we will be looking at Part III: Weekend.

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After a long week at the office, all we mommies would like to do is to spend time with our loved ones, and be comfortable doing it!

  • This tank [1] has an empire waist, which flows and flatters a post-pregnancy tummy.
  • Scarves [4] are on trend, and I don’t think they will be going away anytime soon. They are extremely versatile and dress up any tee or top. If you are nursing, scarves are a great way to cover up if Baby is not as hungry as you thought, leaving you, er, lopsided. They are also useful in hiding unexpected spit-up stains, until you are able to change your shirt. (and let’s face it, that’s usually after you get home anyway.)
  • Drape-front cardigans [5] are a great way to wrap yourself up without looking dowdy. They cover the hips, tummy, and derrière, and depending on the fabric, can be paired with a summer outfit or a fall ensemble. The longer length is also useful for coverage while picking up or putting down your child.

We mommies never don’t always have the time/energy/inclination to exercise, and even if we did, it would take a very long time just for the ab muscles to tone again, let alone the rest of our body. In the meantime, it helps to wear flattering clothing, which in turn, boosts self-confidence. Just don’t get hung up on the negatives. You just made a fully-formed human—do you realize how amazing you are?

I hope you came away with some ideas on how to re-energize or update your wardrobe. Post-pregnancy doesn’t have to mean throwing fashion and style out the window—celebrate your new you!

Enjoy your weekend!




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