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My most popular post by far would have to be So What If Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Is Still Fat?

It has had the most related search terms leading to it and has also consistently sat on the Trending Now section of my sidebar. Apparently her struggle with post-pregnancy weight loss resonated with many women out there, so I thought I should follow up.

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I had a difficult time hearing all the negative comments about Aishwarya, of critics asking When she would lose the baby weight? and Why hadn’t she lost it already? She was the world’s perfect porcelain doll and no one seemed to want to see this very human side of her.

In my post, I commented her courage and attitude in the face of all this, especially in an age when celeb moms are expected to lose the weight overnight; indeed, many of them do go to extreme measures to bounce back to perfect—spending hours in the gym, scheduling visits to the plastic surgeon, and bragging about how the weight Just Came Off—instead of spending that time bonding with their baby.

Here are some photos of Aishwarya now. She has both stunned and silenced her critics, wouldn’t you say?

Photo via NDTV

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  1. I once read a rather long and tedious Facebook page on Aishwarya Rai bashing calling her all sorts of things. It really upset me and what really got on my nerves was men not so surprisingly calling her names. Men cannot give birth nor breastfeed babies (both can take a toll on your body and vanity) so how on earth do they have the audacity to call women fat is beyond . Try squeezing something the size of a watermelon out of an opening the size of a lemon and see how hot they look; I say. Kudos to her for taking all that non-sense about her body with grace.

    • Well said! I am still impressed by what she has done and how she has carried herself throughout. I felt compelled to write this post last year when I was expecting my second child, and I really felt for her, being in the public eye, while I could at least hide under the bed covers!

  2. Beautiful before and more beautiful after! We need to get over the idea that beauty comes in the form of a model walking down Victoria’s Secret runway.

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  4. Jessica Pillay says

    Aish is beautiful with or without the baby fat, and she handled the hateful/hurtful comments from the media (and other Bwood celebs *cough*KareenaKapoor*cough*) quite nicely. I really admire her for her openness and honestly on the subject. And the media/film world should be ashamed of themselves for even commenting on her weight in the first place. But she did a nice job putting them in their place.

    I honestly don’t know when the Indian media will stop pestering female celebrities about their weight. I know it happens all the time in Hollywood as well, but it seems especially bad in India. It used to not be like that, but then this whole size zero phenomenon happened, and it’s just been a downward spiral ever since. Thankfully, beautiful, “curvy” actresses like Aishwarya, Sonakshi Sinha and Vidya Balan are slowly changing the definition of the ideal Bollywood heroine.

    • Curves are usually celebrated in Indian culture, not “stick” figures, right? Go figure.

      And yeah, Kareena IS pretty snarky.

      I don’t know how many Bollywood heroines would do what Aishwarya did either. 🙂

      • Jessica Pillay says

        Do you watch Koffee with Karan? Karan Johar (probably b/c of his own body insecurities) is notorious for bringing up the size zero issue. Most recently, he tried to pick on Sonakshi Sinha about it, but she answered quite classily (very much the type of answer Aish probably would have given in that situation), and then, to make things even better, Shahid Kapoor, who was also on the show that day, defended Sona by calling her curvy and saying that curvy is way better than skinny. It was quite priceless! Karan was immediately put in his place and dropped the subject like a hot potato. 😀

        I feel like Aish and Vidya Balan have been these pioneers in responding to the ‘big girl’ hate in the last couple of years, and it’s really refreshing to see even a younger generation of actresses…and now actors…finally debunking the ‘skinny is best’ myth. It’s about time!

        And, yeah, Kareena is…well, let’s just say she’s said a number of things I wish she hadn’t over the years, lol. She generally leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I can only wonder what her publicist and PR manager(s) think.

        P.S. Sorry for the long comments! This subject just really strikes a chord with me, haha!

        • Hey Jessica, thanks for your comment! I have actually only seen Koffee with Karan a couple of times while vacationing in India. I think it’s more than a little ironic that Karan Johar is discussing “female beauty” when everyone knows he’s not even into women. I think he just picks these fights to boost ratings…I mean, here we are, a world away, and he’s got US talking about it! As long as “curvier” actresses let their work speak for itself, I believe critics like Johar will be in the minority, and all those other so-called skinny-beautiful actresses who can’t even act can fall back 🙂

          • Jessica Pillay says

            Absolutely! Well said, Jen. It’s definitely ironic and no doubt a move to boost ratings and to create controversy. That’s KJo’s thing, which is sad, really. (Some parts of his show are quite hilarious, but then he’ll go and bring up subjects like that, and it always irks me.) But like you said, as long as these ladies keep working hard and ignoring the hate, eventually people like Karan will learn to shut their mouths.


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