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When Bollywood heroine Aishwarya Rai married into the First Family of Indian cinema, fans oohed and aahed. I like, many, even wondered what Baby B might look like. Would he/she have Mom’s beautiful green eyes?

Then the announcement came that Aishwarya was expecting, and Bollywood, as well as us little people, held our breath in rapt anticipation.

When the happy day finally arrived, Big B and newly minted Grandpa Amitabh Bachchan announced the birth of his first grandchild, a beautiful baby girl.

The only problem was, Aishwarya had gained a lot of weight.  A lot. 

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Who cares? is what I thought.

It was really sad and awful to see how much the media focused on her weight gain during pregnancy, and how she “didn’t seem to care” about losing any of it. Weight gain in pregnancy is normal. Difficulty with weight loss is too. She is a woman like any other who has had a child, and shouldn’t be under pressure to lose the weight any faster than anyone else.

I really applaud her grace under fire while appearing at Cannes sans her usual svelte figure. That must have taken an inordinate amount of guts for Aishwarya, “the world’s first and second most beautiful woman”, according to the late film critic Roger Ebert. I’m sure I couldn’t have done it.

That said, Aishwarya has since quietly taken steps to get back to her old statuesque self. Although one’s body is never the same again after giving birth, she is well on her way to achieving her goals. Whatever her appearance, women everywhere can see her as a role model for how a real mother should be allowed to look.

Do you think it’s fair for celeb moms to flaunt their “skinny” post-baby bodies immediately after childbirth?

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  1. Great points by all the commenters. Really loved that you bring this issue up. I will be honest and say the super skinny celebs that flaunt there thinness right after giving birth actually disgust me. It’s fine if that is how there body actually is but more often then not that is not the norm. They are under so much pressure to snapback and are commended for it but no one talks about how they are faring with the new role as mother.

    • It’s sad that the other celeb moms focus more on their physical appearance than bonding with their child. And NOBODY can get a flat stomach after childbirth within a few weeks unless they have surgery. Anyone who has had a child knows this. If a celeb mom has surgery, it’s fine, it’s her body, but she should own it, instead of saying it was all achieved through mere exercise. Anytime I see these kinds of pics online, I yell at the screen, “It’s surgery!” Yes, just focusing on their “hotness” is disgusting and sad.

  2. Anonymous says

    well, there’s always were and always been stupid spoiled thin fat ugly beautiful people; but to be really beautiful that’s rare…. I wish all the haters – wake up call

  3. Blythe Storm says

    When did the media last comment on a male actors waistline? Probably Gerard Butler in trunks, I think. I mean, as present as it would be for us girls to look at, the 300 workout is extremely time consuming, he’d never anything else done. Mothers, especially new mums, have got enough on their metaphorical plates to go overboard worrying about their actual plates.

  4. tinsrapadas says

    I can totally relate to this blog. After giving birth, I never got my old body back. Before my 1st baby, I was really thin, my waist is at 25″. Now, I’m always wearing loose shirt to hide my tummy which is now 32″. I’m not ashamed with what happened to my body, it’s just that sometimes I feel really irritated when people asks me why I got too fat. I’m happy with how I look right now but whenever I see a famous personality getting the baby weight off in just few weeks, it’s a little annoying. You start to ask “how did they do that?” And you question yourself, should I do what they’re doing? Crash diets, exercise and all, just to be like them. Then reality hits me. Whatever they’re doing, it works for them because they have resources and unlimited access to trainers, gym etc and they have time to do all those stuffs. Ordinary moms are too busy juggling work, taking care of the kids, the house, budgeting, planning for trips etc… Unlike them, we have a life that is NOT centered on how we can make ourselves prettier and sexier everyday. We think of our kids first (I know I do), and while it is ideal not to let yourself go physically, we shouldn’t be pressured to do something that we don’t want to do just because society dictates it. Just enjoy motherhood. The time will come when you feel like you’re ready to make lifestyle changes. Now, I have been dieting for a month already pero it’s not the “nakakamatay” na kind of diet. I just regulate my food intake. No more pork and more fruits and veggies. We see some changes but the challenge talaga is staying away from Buffets because I love eat-all-you-can Restaurants. But if you feel motivated talaga, it’s not that hard anymore. sorry for my long comment ha, just wanted to share what I think of this subject. Oh, btw, and last na lang, I also love Aishwarya Rai. She is really STUNNING!!! 🙂 Thanks for this wonderful blog 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tins. What you have said really echoes what so many mothers, including myself, feel about this issue. Your diet sounds healthy and if it works for you, you should keep doing it! 🙂 I eat healthy most of the time, but exercise is where I need to improve (as in, I need to do it!). I can relate to the all-you-can-eat buffet scenario. Those are definitely the times when I cheat! But one should enjoy life, not be hung up on looks all the time. As long as you’re doing healthy things most of the time, and have a positive outlook, you’re on the right track, I say.

      P.S. Don’t be sorry for your “long” comment…I loved it! 😀

      • tinsrapadas says

        Hahaha I too need to motivate myself to do exercises but I’m just too lazy hehehe But you’re slim already, I don’t think u need to diet pa 🙂

  5. It took us 4 years to get a baby. My wife was so sick during the pregnancy we were able to carry to term she immediately weighed less at birth than she did at conception. I couldn’t have cared less is she doubled in weight, however. After all she went through to give life to our daughter, my love her is totally independent of something so trivial as that.
    My daughter is almost 25 now and is starting out on an amazing life. My wife and I are just past 50, and I am the one who is overweight. Go figure. She knows me better than anyone else, and loves me anyway. You can’t ask for more than that!

    • Your lovely comment shows just how much your wife and daughter mean to you. It’s no surprise your wife isn’t letting you go 🙂

      That said, it’s not every day that I get the male point-of-view on one of my posts, especially one like this. Thanks so much for sharing your story and showing your empathy for mothers.

  6. It’s sad to me that so many women (and many more outsiders) forget that it took 9+ months to gain the weight, so it’s illogical to expect every woman to drop the weight in 9 days, weeks, etc. We’re so blessed to be able to able to carry children, so the weight that comes along with it shouldn’t be a source of criticism!! She’s gorgeous. End of story.

    • Yes, that is a very logical conclusion. And the weight thing seems to be evolutionary–the fat gets converted into breastmilk, which nourishes the baby. And even if the weight isn’t all lost, I’m sure the baby appreciates having “a little more to hold on to.” That said, it sure doesn’t help when other celebrities act like it’s “so easy” to drop the weight. That’s why I couldn’t help but write about Aishwarya! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      • I think it probably is “so easy” for some celebrities – they are fortunate to have access to personal chefs and personal trainers! I’m sure weight would come off a little quicker for “average women” if they had those same things. Either way – I think the weight shouldn’t be the focus, we should just focus on the fact that a woman just brought another life into existence!

  7. She is gorgeous regardless of her weight–men should get an equal microscope–I know they don’t all have chiseled bodies!

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  10. hiraroomi says

    I love the fact that she wasn’t size zero in lik like two weeks after Giving birth. She’s a real woman in that case (;


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