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My daughter Pumpkin loves to play with the junk mail. The other day she picked up a Costco coupon book, excitedly pointing out products familiar to her–Cheerios, diapers, juice. As I nodded enthusiastically, she suddenly pointed to a corner of the book and shrieked, “Dot com! It’s-a dot com!” Sure enough, she was referring to Costco’s website.

To this day, I still don’t know how she learned that.

Once, as I finished reading her a story, I closed the back cover while announcing, “The end!”

“Again!” she squealed. She leaned forward and tapped the center of the front cover repeatedly. “Again, again!”

She was doing the same thing she usually does when she wants to replay a video on my phone.

I felt kind of bad, to be honest.

Speaking of phones, the only kind she has really seen are touchscreen smartphones. I still refuse to buy a tablet so she can have the genuine experience of flipping through pages of a real book instead of swiping across a screen.

While I’m eternally grateful there was no Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube when I was in high school, I wonder what social media or technology will be in place when she comes of age (hopefully none, but I guess I’m asking for the moon). Meanwhile, there is a special space reserved in a museum somewhere for the future acquisition of my laptop and phone.

Oh well…technology marches on!



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