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happy feet and the disgruntled neighbor

As anyone with a 2-year-old knows, toddlers LOVE to run around. I mean they will climb onto the sofa and jump off because they think they’re Superman.

My older daughter is no exception. She runs alongside her soccer ball and kicks it like she’s in the World Cup. She runs to give her papa a kiss when he gets home from work. She runs to me when I enter the room. The kid runs, ok?

So of course the guy who lives below us decides to see what all the fuss is about and comes knocking on our door. (By the way, he doesn’t even know us nor has ever met us. Who does that?? I would be terrified to knock on some rando’s door, not having a clue who could be on the other side. ) When we explained the first time (yes he came again) that it was our 2-year-old running, he said, “Ok, so can you keep the noise down?”

Now anyone who has a 2-year-old or has ever been in the same room as one, knows this is no easy feat. It’s just what they do at this age. It’s NORMAL. And she’s not at the age yet where she can understand that her actions are highly annoying. So we told him. And he still came back a few months later.

This time I answered the door and he asked the same thing—who was running around? Seriously?

I acted apologetic–the guy was clearly a grape short of a fruit salad–explained again that it was my daughter, I’ll try not to let it happen again, blah blah. Right before he left, he said, “Ok, no more running please” and walked away. We informed management who also thought he was weird, and my husband decided to order Crocs to muffle some of the noise. Since they are slightly loose on her they slow her down and she tends not to run so much in them.

She also learned “walk” and she is really trying her best to suppress her natural urges as a toddler.

Who’s the real baby here?




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