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Facebook for Indians?

Kahani Movement [image]

Kahani Movement [image]

Well, sort of. Desis, those who immigrated to the US and other countries, as well as first- and second-generation children of these immigrants, now have a platform on which to share their stories.

The brainchild of Dr. Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent on CNN, and his brother Suneel, Kahani Movement (‘kahani’ means ‘story’ in Hindi) was created so desis all over the world could post photos, share videos, and write their own personal stories about the trials and triumphs of coming from one culture and living in another one.

Young people, adults, kids, and grandparents unite here in making their own personal footprint so that future generations of desis can learn from each other’s shared experiences. Kahani Movement serves as a virtual photo album of sorts, saving and storing digital memories for its current and future members. The site looks like any other social networking site, is simple to navigate, and creating an account is easy and free.

We all have stories to share, whether it’s our own personal experiences, or those of our parents and grandparents that have been told again and again: at holiday parties, or around a dinner table laden with rotis and spicy dishes, surrounded by our loved ones.

Kudos to the Gupta brothers in creating this forum for us. A social networking site like this is long overdue.



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